JAC Single Bridge 15 Ton Flatbed Truck

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Chassis description

JAC Geerfa's new K5 series cab, cab with electric flip, electric doors and windows, Weichai 160 horsepower Yuchai 180 horsepower Euro V engine, Fast small 8-speed gearbox, 9-ton rear axle, 245 double-layer frame , 9.00R20 steel wire tire, original air conditioner, driving recorder, ABS, optional (airbag seat, electric flip, central door lock), vehicle size 9000×2500×3050mm

Modification instructions

The mounting beam is made of 10*10 specification 5mm thick cbm steel, and the whole through-type design ensures the load-bearing performance. The cargo box flat board is made of 5mm thick checkered plate, and the climbing ladder adopts a reinforced design. It is reinforced with three ribs and double springs. The flat panel has inclined supports, the length of the flat panel of the cargo box is 6.6 meters (with slope), the beam spacing is 300mm, the frame is 120 channel steel, the double spring climbing ladder, and the simple rear outrigger. The hydraulic folding ladder can be selected, and the cargo box can be designed with a fence. It is the most ideal trailer for transporting 15 tons of small excavators, small construction machinery, etc.

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