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Isuzu KV100 refrigerated truck

  • Specifications

Isuzu KV100 Refrigerator Truck

 Product Code: QLKV100-1430B
[Vehicle model] CLW5040XLCQ6
[Complete vehicle size] 5995*2270*2980mm [Inside size] 4075*2060*1860mm

【Car volume】approximately15.6m3 【Wheelbase】 3360mm
engine】4KH1CN6LBQingling Isuzu【Gearbox】IsuzuMSB-5MT,5File [power/horsepower】88KW/120Horsepower【Displacement】2999mlIn-line four-cylinder [fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology]11.4L[Very high speed]105km/h
【Tire Model】7.00R168PR【Total Quality】4495Kg【Quality of preparation】3200Kg【Rated contained mass】1100g【Front and rear bridge load】18T/27T【Rear axle speed ratio】5.375[] Type of brake oil brake and air brake (optional)
[Other configuration] power assistance, air conditioning, manual doors and windows,ABS
【The standard configuration of the car body】Inside and outside20FRP, middle insulation board, car body8CMThick, aluminum tread plate on the bottom plate.
[Optional] Side door, ventilation slot, meat hook track
[Refrigeration unit] comes standard with domestic refrigerators,-5°-15°-18°Optional [Imported Unit] Optional American Cold King, American Carrier Unit


    • The original KV600 type with 132 horsepower engine can be selected according to the transportation environment












★Business QQ: 79003549
★Company Address: Gangchengli Automobile Industrial Park, Plain, Southern Suburb, Suizhou City, Hubei Province
★Special-purpose vehicle production base-government designated procurement enterprise
★Service Description: According to the national standard, the three-guarantee service is one year or 30,000 kilometers.


Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle name: Refrigerated truck Announcement batch: 327
Product Trademark Qingling product code
Vehicle model: QL5043XLCALHAJ Catalog number: (Twenty-one) 19
Fuel: Exemption:
Exemption: release date: 20200113
Total mass 4495(Kg) Volume:
Rated contained mass 1090(Kg) Curb quality 3210(Kg)
Dimensions 5995×2270×2970(mm) Cargo compartment size 4015×2100×1800(mm)
Rated passenger (people) Total mass of semi-trailer (kg)
Cab: Front passenger: 3 (people)
Anti-lock brake system: have Load quality utilization factor 0.4
Approach / departure angle: 20/21(°) Front suspension/rear suspension: 1110/1525(mm)
Number of axes: 2 Wheelbase: 3360,3365(mm)
Axle load: 1750/2745 Maximum speed: 110(km/h)
other 1. The engine net power is 95kW, the engine model is 4KH1CN5HD, and the fuel consumption value is 12.4L/100km; 2. The top of the car is closed and cannot be opened; 3. The car allows optional side single-opening doors; 4. Side protection material: steel plate Q235, Connection method: bolted to the carriage beam; the rear protective bracket is bolted to the end of the frame longitudinal beam, the rear protective section size: 105×(45~140) (mm), the ground height: 490mm; 4. The car is equipped with ABS on the chassis, and the model of ABS and its controller is: APG3550500A4, the manufacturer is: Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.; 5. Different units of different manufacturers with considerable power are optional.
Chassis technical parameters
Chassis model QL1043A5HAY Chassis enterprise: Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.
Number of tires 6 Number of springs: 3/3+2,6/6+6
Tire specifications: 7.00R16LT 8PR,7.50R16LT 6PR Transmission type:
Front track: 1685,1690 Rear track: 1525,1655
Chassis emission standards: GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
Fuel type: diesel fuel Fuel consumption: 12.4
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
Isuzu (China) Engine Co., Ltd. Isuzu (China) Engine Co., Ltd. Isuzu (China) Engine Co., Ltd. 2999
Logo enterprise: Hubei Huanyu Car Light Co., Ltd., Jiali Color Printing Factory in Dingxing County, Hebei Province, Jiali Color Printing Factory in Dingxing County, Hebei Province, Hubei Huanyu Car Light Co., Ltd., Jiali Color Printing Factory in Dingxing County, Hebei Province, Jiali Color Printing Factory in Dingxing County, Hebei Province; Changzhou Huarisheng Reflective Material Co., Ltd., Daoming Optical Co., Ltd. Vin vehicle identification code: LWLDMA5G××××××××× LWLDMA7G×××××××××× LWLDMA5G××××××××× LWLDMA7G××××××××× LWLDMA5G××××××××× LWLDMA7G××××××××× LWLDMALG×××××××××
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