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Refrigerated Van Truck

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Foton Aumark refrigerated truck

  • Specifications

Foton Aumark refrigerated truck

Vehicle model: BJ5048XLC-F3
Vehicle size: 5995×2340×3220 mm
Interior dimensions: 4080×2100×2100 mm, about 18 cubic meters

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[Chassis configuration]
new 1880mm single-row cab, ZF gearbox, Cummins F2.8NS6B131 engine, 3360 wheelbase, 7.00R16 steel wire tire, original air conditioner, central control lock, electric doors and windows, remote control key, cruise, MP3 , multi-function steering wheel , Brake self-adjusting arm, adjustable headlight


Refrigerated car body structure:
Adopting polyester wet panel making technology and glass fiber reinforced whole wooden box frame structure, using the internationally advanced fifth-generation fully enclosed polyurethane panel bonding method.
Material of refrigerated compartment board:
The inner and outer wall panels are made of domestic high-quality machine-made 2.2mm glass fiber reinforced plastic; the middle insulation material is made of imported polyurethane; the thickness of the car body is 80mm , and the thickness of the door is 80mm ; (Wall panels can be selected: ①Glass steel, ②Color steel plate, ③Aluminum alloy, ④Stainless steel).
Refrigerated car body accessories:
The car body is surrounded by 2.5mm aluminum alloy edging, stainless steel corners, stainless steel door locks, 4 pieces of anti-collision rubber, stainless steel door frames, stainless steel hinges, and energy-saving lights in the compartment.
Heat insulation material of refrigerated truck:
1. Uniform foaming and low density;
2. The thermal conductivity is small, less than 0.045 W/(m·K) ;
3. The stability to temperature changes is good, and the use performance meets the specified requirements within the temperature range of -40 ℃ to 70 ℃;
4. It has a certain degree of mechanical strength and can withstand the vibration and impact of the car in harsh road conditions without damage or deformation;
5. Low water absorption and moisture absorption, good frost resistance;
6. Non-toxic and tasteless, with low air permeability.
Refrigeration unit:
The refrigerating unit is a well-known domestic brand Hanxue or Huatai top-mounted unit, and the temperature of the body is 5 degrees above minus 18 degrees below zero; (imported units from Korea Hana, American Carrier, K brand, Cold King, etc. can be selected)
Optional installation according to customer needs:
Visual cabin temperature monitor, temperature controller, temperature printer, ventilation slot, etc. in the cab.
Vehicle issued:
Formal chassis certificate, formal vehicle certificate, formal vehicle purchase tax invoice, national unified vehicle-mounted tools, vehicle warranty manual, vehicle instruction manual, national service station directory, etc. Let you go home worry-free, convenient and fast !


Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle name: Refrigerated truck Announcement batch: 295
Product Trademark Futian product code
Vehicle model: BJ5049XLC-A5 Catalog number: 9
Fuel: Exemption:
Exemption: release date: 20170502
Total mass 4495(Kg) Volume:
Rated contained mass 1495,1215(Kg) Curb quality 2805, 3085(Kg)
Dimensions 5995×2150, 2200, 2270, 2320, 2420, 2470×3100, 3350(mm) Cargo compartment size 4085, 3785, 3625, 3325×1980, 2100, 2250×1850, 2100(mm)
Rated passenger (people) Total mass of semi-trailer (kg)
Cab: Front passenger: 3 (people)
Anti-lock brake system: have Load quality utilization factor 0.60,0.45
Approach / departure angle: 21/17(°) Front suspension/rear suspension: 1095/1540(mm)
Number of axes: 2 Wheelbase: 3360(mm)
Axle load: 2000/2495 Maximum speed: 95(km/h)
other The top of the carriage is closed and cannot be opened. ABS system model/manufacturer correspondence: 44600XXXX0/Wabco Automotive Control Systems (China) Co., Ltd.; 47660 2ZS00/Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. Optional semi-cab, optional hydraulic Tail plate, optional single/double side door opening, side opening door can be cancelled, optional shroud. Optional refrigeration unit of the same power, appearance and shape can be different. The connection method of side protection is bolted to the cross beam of the cargo box, and the side protection material It is cold plate B-2.0; the rear protection connection method is bolted to the frame longitudinal beam, and the rear lower protection device material is a special-shaped tube 20-D. The rear protection device section size is 100×50mm, and the rear protection distance is the height of the vehicle from the ground. 430mm.The fuel consumption of the ISF2.8s5129T engine is 12.4L/100km, the fuel consumption of the ISF2.8s5148T engine is 12.4L/100km, the fuel consumption of the ISF3.8s5141 engine is 12.4L/100km, and the fuel consumption of the ISF3.8s5154 engine is 12.4L/100km.
Chassis technical parameters
Chassis model BJ1049V9JD6-A3 Chassis enterprise: Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
Number of tires 6 Number of springs: 3/6+7,3/5+4,7/4+5,9/11+7
Tire specifications: 7.00-16LT 8PR, 7.00R16LT 8PR, 7.50-16LT 6PR, 7.50R16LT 6PR, 8.25R16 6PR Transmission type:
Front track: 1665,1730,1490,1688 Rear track: 1525,1590,1425,1615
Chassis emission standards: GB 17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
Fuel type: diesel fuel Fuel consumption: 12.4, 12.4, 12.4, 12.4
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. 2780
Logo enterprise: Zhejiang Daoming Optical Co., Ltd. Vin vehicle identification code: LVBV3JBB××××××××× LVBV3PBB×××××××××
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