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Isuzu 8 cbm washing and sweeping truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

It adopts Dongfeng original Dolica chassis, 3815 wheelbase, 7.50-16 tires, ABS, auto brake, and direction assist; Product name: Washing and sweeping truck Dimensions: 7130×2160×2520(mm) Chassis model: QL1070A1KAY Cargo compartment size : ××(mm) Total mass: 7300(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 15/10(°) Rated mass: 700(Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 1015/2300(mm) Curb weight: 6470(Kg) Maximum speed: 105 (km/h) Engine engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw) 4KH1-TCG40 Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd. 2999 88 Emission standard: GB17691-2005 ( Euro IV), GB3847-2005 Number of axles: 2 Front track: 1504/1425(mm) Wheelbase: 3815 Rear track: 1425(mm) Number of tires: 6 Tire size: 7.00-16 14PR,7.00R16 14PR Fuel type: Diesel spring number: 8 /6+5 Axle load: 2580/4720 Number of passengers in the cab: 2

Modification instructions

● Volume: 4 cbm meters of water tank and 5 cbm meters of garbage bin, all made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, large volume, smooth and stainless inner layer, no skeleton, non-sticky garbage, easy to unload, easy to clean, and the garbage can has automatic tipping and unloading Material function; ● It integrates the functions of road sweeper, sprinkler and high-pressure cleaning truck. It adopts the working method of sweeping first, scouring later, and absorbing again, which can clean, flush and absorb garbage and sewage at one time, and the maximum work efficiency is traditional 8-40 times the manual cleaning method, one vehicle is multi-purpose, and can be used in all seasons; ● There is no dust and no water after the road is operated. It has many functions such as road cleaning, road scrubbing, high-pressure cleaning, curb scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recycling, high-pressure spraying, and road partition cleaning. It can also clean and remove “psoriasis” such as pedestrian walks and small street advertisements. . ● Adopting Dongfeng Cummins 140 horsepower auxiliary engine to specifically drive the fan and hydraulic system, the power is strong, to ensure that it can continue to work during driving, to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process; ● Use the center two-disk brush + center wide suction nozzle (built-in high-pressure spray Rod) + the arrangement of the middle high-pressure side spray rod, which is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device, the high-pressure cleaning device and the suction nozzle; ● It is driven by an Italian hydraulic motor, which is stable and reliable. Barrier and collision avoidance and automatic avoidance function and reset function, the sweeping lift rotating mechanism uses high-tech wear-resistant engineering spacers, the sweeping speed can be adjusted according to various cleaning road conditions, to ensure good performance under various pollution conditions Cleaning effect; the high-pressure side spray bar has automatic avoidance function; ● The operation modes include full washing and sweeping operation, left washing and sweeping operation, right washing and sweeping operation, full sweeping operation, left sweeping operation, right sweeping operation, full suction operation, 9 operation modes including left-wash operation and right-wash operation; ● German high-pressure water pump (front flush/side spray/middle spray/rear spray (stainless steel nozzle)/side flush/18m high pressure reel water gun/trash can self-cleaning device) , Strong cleaning ability; universal high-pressure road edge cleaning, Veyron low-pressure pump (forward flush); stainless steel high-pressure pipeline; German controller; Japanese control switch; American sensor; ● Equipped with advanced voice prompt al lift device, which can accurately broadcast Various safety prompts and failures; the whole vehicle has a reverse protection device, which can automatically retract the working device when reversing; ● The water tank is equipped with a low water level al lift device, which automatically al lift s when there is no water to prevent the water pump from being damaged by water shortage; the garbage bin is equipped with overflow prevention Al lift device to prevent sewage from flowing out of the suction pipe during operation, causing secondary pollution; the whole vehicle has a reverse protection device, which can automatically retract the working device when reversing; ● Set up high-definition monitoring probes on the right sweep pan and the rear of the trash bin, and set up high-definition in the cab Liquid crystal display, which can monitor the working conditions of sweeping and the quality of the whole vehicle during operation; the high-pressure water circuit is equipped with a quick plug-in anti-freezing water blowing device interface to prevent freezing damage to the water circuit components at low temperatures in winter; ● The electrical system adopts PLC one-key automatic Control and simple operation; the controller adopts the original imported brand from Germany, and the performance is reliable; during operation, only the operation mode is selected, and the startup and shutdown of each operating mechanism are automatically controlled by the program; ● The use of advanced and efficient large-scale maintenance-free desktop Dedicated fan with large air volume and strong suction capacity; precision cold-formed seamless hydraulic oil pipe with no oxidizing impurities on the inner wall to ensure clean hydraulic oil and no valve clogging; ● The transmission between the auxiliary engine and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which is electronically controlled The system is automatically controlled to ensure that the auxiliary engine is automatically separated from the fan when it starts or stops under no load, effectively avoiding damage to the fan, high-pressure water pump, and engine; ● LED tail warning lights, manual pump emergency system, maximum cleaning width 3.5 meters, maximum inhalation of particles 120mm; ● The high-pressure waterway is equipped with a quick-plug antifreeze blowing device interface to prevent freezing damage to the waterway components at low temperatures in winter;-applicable to the northern winter icy area ● Optional snow shovel, snow roll, etc.

Detailed description
 Isuzu 8方洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 8方洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 8方洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 8方洗扫车图片
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