Dongfeng 8 tons washing and sweeping truck

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The washing and sweeping vehicle can be used as a road sweeper alone for road cleaning and suction operations; it can also be used as a high-pressure washing vehicle for pavement washing and suction operations; it can also be used as a road sweeping suction and high-pressure flushing combination as a washing and sweeping vehicle to achieve cleaning Various combinations of, washing, and pumping can be used to meet the various needs of different users. The car can be widely used in the washing and cleaning operations of urban main roads and viaducts.
Modification instructions

Water tank volume 6m³ Trash bin volume 5m³ Auxiliary engine Kangji 140 horsepower scrubbing operation maximum scrubbing width (including curb cleaning width) 3.2m maximum scrubbing width (excluding curb cleaning width) 3.0m scrubbing speed 3∽20Km/ h Rated cleaning water pressure 10MPa, cleaning water rated flow 85L/min, cleaning operation, cleaning width 3m, cleaning speed 3∽20Km/h, cleaning speed 3∽20Km/h, maximum cleaning capacity 60000㎡/h, discharge angle ≥48°, low pressure washing width 20m

Detailed description

This car is exempt and environmentally friendly


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