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Futian ambulance Futian G9 high roof ambulance

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Vehicle technical parameters A Engine model BJ486EQV4 Fuel type Gasoline working mode In-line 4-cylinder/8 valve/multi-point electronic injection displacement cm3 2237 cm3 Emission standard Euro IV emission (standard) Wheelbase mm 1998 mm Turning diameter m ≤12 m Vehicle Body size mm 5320 mm×1690 mm×2425 mm Rescue cabin size mm 3200 mm×1600 mm×1680 mm Vehicle curb weight kg 1686 kg Full load total weight kg 2379 kg Rated power kw(hp)/rpm 76 kw(hp)/ 4600 rpm Maximum torque Nm/rpm 193 Nm /2600 rpm Generator V/A 14/90 Battery V/Ah 12/60 Manual transmission 5 forward gears, 1 reverse gear Maximum speed km/h ≥120 km/h Fuel tank volume (L) 65 liters of fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L) (average speed 90km/h) ≤6 Standard configuration of fuel consumption vehicles at constant speed B 1 Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 2 Anti-collision steel beam 3 Left and right rear view of the cab Mirror 4 Stereo radio 5 Rear door wide open door 6 Central door lock 7 Rear door defrosting line 8 Rear wiper + sprinkler 9 Hydraulic power steering 10 Two-person seat in the cab 11 Transparent glass on both sides of the medical cabin, door and rear door Device 12 2/3 of the window is pasted with a milky white opaque matte protective film

Modification instructions

The medical cabin is equipped with a medical cabin. The cab and the medical cabin are completely sealed off and equipped with an observation window; the interior adopts a composite mold molding process; all the medical cabinets are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are water-resistant, acid-resistant, and antibacterial. 2 Dedicated floor Acid-resistant high-grade medical anti-bacterial floor 3 Stretcher system Automatic loading stretcher: The stretcher has a light structure and is easy to operate. It can easily achieve low posture conversion when getting on and off the car, and only one person is required to operate it. 4 Power supply system ① 12V AC/DC conversion switch ② 220V AC socket: adopts multi- Euro standard electrical modules, suitable for medical equipment in various Euro . ③Inverter power *1: Use high-precision pure sine wave vehicle-mounted inverters, which are widely used in the medical field. 5 Control system integrated control power supply 6 Warning system ◎The blue long row of flashing rotating warning lights on the roof of the car ◎The cab is equipped with alarms and warning lights control buttons ◎100W external loudspeaker is built into the alarm 7 Sterilization system UV disinfection Light 8 Intercom system Cockpit and medical cabin front and rear intercom system 9 Lighting system Medical special lamp belt, left and right side lighting system 10 Oxygen supply system ◎High pressure oxygen cylinder (with pressure valve) *2: The cylinder body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy Material, 4L capacity. ◎Humidifier quick conversion interface ◎Special air supply (ventilator, etc.) interface ◎Oxygen cylinder cabinet: It is made of composite materials, one-time molding, anti-aging, resistant to cleaning. 11 Resting bed Leather 12 Ventilation system Ventilation fan 13 Infusion stand overhead infusion hook 14 Fire extinguisher Medical cabin equipped 15 Safety handrails All-round design

Detailed description

Jiuli Automobile can provide ambulance brands such as Ford ambulance , Dongfeng ambulance , Mercedes-Benz ambulance, Jiangling Teshun ambulance , Jinbei ambulance , Chase ambulance , Foton ambulance , Iveco ambulance .

The front view of a Foton G9 high-roof ambulance;

2. The side view of Foton G9 high-roof ambulance;

3. The interior pictures of Foton G9 high-roof ambulance;

福田G9救护车 (3)

Four Foton G9 high-roof ambulance rear picture display;

Five Foton G9 high-roof ambulance configuration parameters are as follows;

6. The medical equipment of Foton G9 high-roof ambulance is as follows;

The company promises: If you order our vehicles, our company will send you to the designated place and go through a full set of driving procedures. We also hope that you can visit our factory and negotiate business. All products produced and sold by our company, the chassis part, and the Euro service stations can be guaranteed. The special part has three guarantees for one year, after-sales service is in place for 48 hours, and is responsible for lifelong maintenance and provides lifelong free technical services.
HD pictures
illustrate in detail
Foton Scenic Ambulance is tailor-made according to relevant Euro standards. The model is simple and beautiful, and the body lines are smooth, showing a unique beauty. The interior space is spacious, the details are perfectly arranged, and it is equipped with auxiliary equipment related to the physical examination, providing a warm and comfortable in-vehicle physical examination environment, while also effectively ensuring the smooth progress of the physical examination processes.
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