Foton Omarco Wrecker

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Hubei Chengli Automobile: Foton Omarco Blue Wrecker National VI product model and parameter configuration, Foton Omarco Blue Wrecker National VI HD pictures, Chengli Auto Series Foton Omaco Blue Wrecker National VI 6. For the latest quotation, please call the customer service hotline. Foton Omak Blue Wrecker Vehicle Parameters Product Name Foton Omak Wrecker Vehicle Model CGC5042TQZHDF33F Dimensions (mm) 599523002400 Maximum Speed (km/h) 90 Total Mass (kg) 4495 Fuel Type Diesel Curb Mass (kg) ) 3750 emission standard National Six Futian Europe…

Foton Omarco Blue Wrecker Euro VI

Foton Omarco Wrecker
Foton Omak Blue Wrecker Vehicle Parameters
product name Vehicle model
Dimensions (mm) 5995×2300×2350 Top speed (km/h) 105
Total mass (kg) 4495 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 3800 Emission Standards Euro Six
Foton Omak Blue Wrecker Chassis Parameters
Chassis model
Chassis brand Fukuda
Number of axes 2 Front track (mm) 1590
Wheelbase (mm) 3360 Rear track (mm) 1485
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications 7.00R16LT 8PR
Futian Omak Blue Wrecker wrecker top configuration
Chassis configuration It adopts Foton Omarco chassis, new single-row widebody cab, Cummins (ISF2.8s5129T) 129 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, wheelbase 3360mm, 5-ton integral rear axle, 7.00R16 steel wire tires, original urea tank, Original ABS, with power steering, air conditioning, cruise control, central control lock, electric doors and windows, clutch booster, air brake.
Upload configuration 3 tons of bodywork, 4 tons of winch, 25 meters of steel wire rope, double-sided linkage operation, a pair of auxiliary wheel trolleys, a pair of 7-shaped forks, a pair of square sleeves, 4 sets of straps, two work lights, yellow electronic engineering police A set of lights and vehicle-mounted tools.

Foton Omarco Wrecker


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