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Ford V362 long axis transport ambulance

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Ford ambulance V362 long axis transport type ambulance configuration: long row diamond police light assembly; folding stretcher; oxygen cylinder; buoy-type oxygen inhaler; medicine cabinet assembly; central partition assembly; ultraviolet disinfection lamp; indoor lighting Lights; first aid signs; infusion bottle holders.

Modification instructions

Basic configuration 1. 1 portable foldable stretcher; 2. 1 medical cabinet; 3. 1 fixed installation 10L oxygen cylinder; 4. 2 infusion hooks; 5. 1 disinfection lamp; 6. 1 dirt bucket 7. 4 single seats; 8. Long storage cabinet with 3-seater soft seat cushion, soft backrest and 1 set of safety belts; 9. 1 set of aluminum alloy sliding windows with central partition; 10. Full front roof installation 1 set of blue warning light siren (100W); 11, 2 220V lighting lamps; 12, 1 1000W inverter; 13, 1 set of 220V power sockets; 14. Middle door armrests; 15. Rear door pedals ; 16. Medical wear-resistant plastic floor; 17. Paste the ambulance cross sign; 18. Rear cabin air conditioning and heater (original car specifications). Optional configuration (price is not included) 1. Strobe lights are installed around the roof; cbm flashes, top pillars flash 2. Paint spray decorative color strips; 3. Glass window film; 4. Automatic stretcher on the car; 5. Yes Sight reversing radar system and navigator; 6. Electric suction device; 7. Blind windows on both sides of the vehicle body;

Detailed description

Jiuli Automobile can provide ambulance brands such as Ford ambulance , Dongfeng ambulance , Mercedes-Benz ambulance, Jiangling Teshun ambulance , Jinbei ambulance , Chase ambulance , Foton ambulance , Iveco ambulance .

OneFordV362 long axisTransport ambulanceFront view display;

Two Ford V362 long shaftTransport ambulanceSide view display;

3. Interior view of Ford V362 long-axis transport ambulance;

4. Ford V362 long-axle transport ambulance rear picture display;

FordambulanceV362 long axisTransport ambulanceConfiguration: long row diamond warning light assembly; folding stretcher; oxygen cylinder; buoy-type oxygen inhaler; medicine equipment cabinet assembly; central partition assembly; ultraviolet disinfection lamp; indoor lighting; ambulance sign; infusion bottle holder . Optional configuration: automatic stretcher on the car; long row of flashing warning light assembly; dirt bucket; medical floor; modified wave inverter; multi-function ventilating fan; walkie-talkie. Warning and lighting system: Long row of flashing warning lights, blue cbm flashing lights, indoor lighting, ultraviolet disinfection lights, indoor spotlights. Optional configuration: optional negative pressure device, suction device, ventilator, defibrillation monitor, American FERNO 26 automatic stretcher, etc. Product use: Suitable for all levels of epidemic prevention centers, emergency centers and hospitals.

HD pictures
illustrate in detail
Ford V362 long-axle transport ambulance has ten safety designs that are safe to choose, featuring a fully enclosed load-bearing body, ABS, and airbags to create a comprehensive security guarantee.
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