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Dongfeng Duolika Kitchen Garbage Truck ( Euro VI)

  • Specifications

Dongfeng Duolika Kitchen Garbage Truck ( Euro VI)


Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle model CLW5070TCAD6 Chassis model EQ1075SJ3CDF
Total mass (Kg) 7360kg Rated load quality (Kg) 2830, 2580, 2330kg
Curb weight (Kg) 4370, 4800, 5100
Vehicle size (mm) 5995×2070×2650mm


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Dolica D6 Chassis model EQ1075SJ3CDF
Number of passengers (person) 2 Number of tires 7 (including spare tire)
Wheelbase (mm) 3308 Tire specifications 7.00R16
Gearbox Wan Li Yang 5 Dang Fuel type Diesel oil
Emission Standards Euro Six engine model Chaochai 130 horsepower
Model advantage
Vehicle advantages:

Dongfeng Duolika D6 Kitchen Garbage Truck is to transport barreled swill slowly up and down through the conveyor belt of the truck and pour it into the compartment on the roof (the compartment can be divided into a box body and a tank body) to realize the whole process of automation. The functional part of the kitchen garbage truck has the characteristics of high degree of automation in loading and unloading garbage, reliable work, good sealing, large loading volume, simple operation, tightly closed transportation process, no sewage leakage and odor emission, and good environmental protection.

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Duolika D6 kitchen garbage truck Euro VI emission chassis adopts Dongfeng Duolica D6 cab 1730 single row, Euro VI Chaochao Diesel CY4BK461 engine 130 horsepower, 1.8 tons front axle, 3.5 tons rear axle, 7.00R16 steel wire tires, air brake, belt ABS, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, electric doors and windows, with air conditioning, central locking, 188 double-layer girder.
Upload configuration: Dongfeng Duolika D6 Euro Six Kitchen Garbage Truck can be equipped with an internal unloading device, which does not affect the appearance of the vehicle, but it will cause the weight of the vehicle to change. When the relevant internal configuration is selected, the curb weight/rated load quality of the vehicle corresponds to The relationship is (kg): configuration A: no push plate unloading device/4400/2830; configuration B: push plate unloading device/4650/2580; configuration C: internal heating device/4650/2580; configuration D: push plate unloading Feeding device and internal heating device/4900/2330.
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Quality Assurance:

The inter Euro top-notch configuration of the big brand

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