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Dolica 5 cbm compressed garbage truck ( Euro VI)

  • Specifications

Dolica 5 cbm compressed garbage truck ( Euro VI)

Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle model CLW5070ZYSD6 Chassis model EQ1075SJ3CDF
Total mass (Kg) 7360 Rated load quality (Kg) 1630
Curb weight (Kg) 5600 Vehicle size (mm) 6970*2080*2570mm

Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Dolica D6 Chassis model EQ5180GLVJ1
Number of passengers (person) 2 Number of tires 7 (including spare tire)
Wheelbase (mm) 3308 Tire specifications 7.00R16
Gearbox Wan Li Yang 5 Dang Fuel type Diesel oil
Emission Standards Euro Six engine model Chaochai 130 horsepower
Model advantage
Vehicle advantages: Dongfeng’s high-end chassis has a high configuration, and one car can hold several units. It is generally used for long-distance garbage transfer. The word load is large, the transfer efficiency is high, and fuel consumption is saved.
Axle advantages: The vehicle is equipped with a high-strength rear axle, which has strong bearing capacity and is free of disassembly and maintenance, saving effort and money!
Chassis configuration:
Euro VI Dongfeng Dolica D6 (5 cbm ) compression garbage truck, wheelbase 3308mm, 1730/single row, Euro VI engine CY4BK461, 96 kilowatts 130 horsepower, Wanliyang 5TS40, 7.00R16, front and rear axles 1.8/3.5, 188 double-deck Beam, rotating, clutch power assist, air brake, air-conditioning electric window central lock, ABS.
Upload configuration: The new non-reinforced box body, the plane arc is beautiful and generous, the effective compression volume is 8 cubic meters, the tail is equipped with a flip feeding mechanism, the electronic control manual dual control system, the cab and the rear of the car dual control box, the tail with 3 cm rear rubber sealing bead , With sewage collection tank, large-capacity sewage tank, the box body can be sprayed with patterns and words as required.
After-sales service: There are 1,300 after-sales service outlets nationwide, and the service is thoughtful, allowing you to worry-free after sales!
Quality Assurance: The inter Euro top-notch configuration of the big brand
Garbage Truck ,

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