Dongfeng 8 cbm water truck

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Dongfeng 8-square sprinkler tank body adopts the one-time forming technology of machine pressing plate, adopts advanced spiral edge machine, and the process of tank wrapping machine ensures the precision and beautiful appearance of the tank body. National unique baking paint process, anti-corrosion and rust removal, multi-layer primer and top coat spraying. Complete functions, such as irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spray dust suppression, antiaircraft gun injection, etc., using high-quality water pumps, reasonable design of water pipelines, air-controlled power take-offs, and strong working capacity; enlarged tank design can be installed as 5 cubic water, Improve the efficiency of the vehicle. Equipped with a special water pump for domestic high-power sprinklers, which can be self-priming and self-draining, water diversion time <15min, flow rate 40m3/h, and head 35 meters. Option to install and add medicine tray, pneumatic control valve, spraying equipment, anti-corrosion in the tank, etc.
Chassis description

Adopting Dongfeng Dolica chassis, white front-turning cab, Yunnei 130 horsepower, 6-speed gearbox with Euro V engine, 3800mm wheelbase, 3.5-ton rear axle, 8.25R16 original steel wire tires, original abs, with steering assistance, Clutch booster, air brake, and exemption. It is produced in strict accordance with the size of the announcement. It is sprayed before and after spraying. The rear working platform is equipped with antiaircraft guns, right hand shower and side spray.

Detailed description

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