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  • Dongfeng 5 cbm water truck

    1.The vehicle name: Five Dongfeng 5- cbm water truck

    2.Cab: the new single-row reversible cab,

    3.The cab color:jade white,

    4.Engine :Chaochai engine CY4BK551, Yuchai engine, Xichai engine, Yunnei engine,

    5.Wheelbase: 3300(mm)

    6.Tires: 7.00R16 steel wire tires

    Sprinklers are also known as spray trucks, multi-functional sprinklers, garden greening sprinklers, water tankers, water trucks.

    • Specifications

    Chassis description of Dongfeng 5 cbm water truck

    The Euro Five Dongfeng 5- cbm water truck adopts the original chassis of Dongfeng Company, the new single-row reversible cab, the cab color is jade white, the engine includes Chaochai engine CY4BK551, Yuchai engine, Xichai engine, Yunnei engine, wheelbase 3300 .Five-speed gearbox, front axle 1.8 tons, rear axle 3.5 tons, tires 7.00R16 steel wire tires, dynamic rotation, air brake, clutch assist, with ABS. The tank color can be silver gray/blue, or upper white and lower blue, fashionable Beautiful, adaptable and cost-effective!

    Modification instructions of Dongfeng water truck

    The vertical suction range of the Euro five Dongfeng 5- cbm sprinkler is less than 6 meters, the sprinkling width is ≧14 meters, the range is ≧28-30 meters, the head is 45 meters, the water diversion time is <5min, and the flow rate is 40m3/h. Front flush (spray), rear sprinkler, with side spray (shower), with rear working platform, green sprinkler cannon installed on the platform (cannon spray shape can be adjusted: direct, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, fog, can Continuous adjustment, 360°rotation), equipped with fire interface, gravity valve, filter screen, with self-priming and self-draining function. The tank body is oval or cbm, made of high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with a 1.5-meter partition in the tank body, which has anti-wave and anti-oscillation effect. Professional anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment can also be carried out according to user requirements. Foam or rock wool is equipped with an insulation layer to provide insulation. Optional charge tray, medicine pump, high-pressure spray equipment, non-car belt pump power, etc., anti-corrosion and rust prevention in the tank, multi-directional water inlet and outlet joints, pneumatic valves, * and other advanced facilities to meet the needs of different users.

    Detailed description of  5 cbm water truck

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