Dongfeng 153 20m Aerial Bucket Truck

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Chassis description

Adopting Dongfeng 153 chassis, flat-head cab, Yuchai 180 horsepower Euro five engine, small 8-speed gearbox, front axle 3 tons, rear axle 7 tons, 9.00-20 tires, 4700mm wheelbase, steering assist, air conditioning, overall dimensions 9600×2480×3620mm.

Modification instructions

The 20-meter high-altitude operating vehicle is equipped with a three-section folding arm hydraulic lifting design, and the working height can reach 20 meters. Each working arm is equipped with a directional balance valve to improve the stability of the boom in the process of raising, lowering and stopping. The double-station operation of the turntable and working bucket is safe and convenient. The working arm can rotate 360° in all directions, effectively expanding the scope of work and improving work efficiency.

Detailed description

The 20-meter empty operating vehicle adopts the original imported German Hawe solenoid valve (main control valve), proportional valve, and proportional handle; electro-hydraulic proportional control, stepless speed regulation, superior operating performance; two operations on the turntable and working bucket, and both can be operated Remote control of engine ignition and flameout; built-in combined leveling mechanism to ensure that the working bucket is always level;

The horizontal and vertical expansion and contraction of the four outriggers can be controlled separately, and the adaptability is strong; the upper arm elevation limit device prevents dangerous working conditions; the interlocking and soft leg protection functions of the car to ensure safe operation; when the horizontal leg is not extended, the working arm is restricted from rotating but Unlimited take-off and landing, which not only guarantees safety but also improves efficiency; equipped with emergency pump; equipped with electronic timer, which can accumulate working time for timely maintenance.

HD pictures
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The Aerial Bucket Truck is mainly composed of a chassis, power transmission device, working device, safety device and hydraulic system. Power transmission device: The power transmission device includes the power transmission part of each working device of the Aerial Bucket Truck . Commonly used are internal combustion engine-mechanical transmission, electric-mechanical transmission, internal combustion engine-electric transmission, internal combustion engine-hydraulic transmission and other transmission methods. Working device: The working device of the Aerial Bucket Truck includes the outrigger mechanism, the lifting mechanism, the slewing mechanism, the working platform and its leveling mechanism, etc.

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