Dongfeng 140 6 cbm tip roll on roll off garbage truck

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Chassis description

Dongfeng classic 140 140 chassis, solid and durable, 140 to protect the driver, Yuchai engine, 5-speed gearbox, 8-ton rear axle, 900-20 tires with spare tires, air brakes, and direction assistance.

Modification instructions

Adopting enhanced hydraulic roll on roll off system, dual hydraulic cylinder control, roll on roll off and chain can realize roll on roll off box loading, unloading, unloading and other functions, hydraulic multi-way valve control, the rear of the car is equipped with dual hydraulic outriggers to realize the operation time The body is stable, and a ground-mounted roll on roll off trash can is attached to the vehicle.

Detailed description


Vehicle model


 Box volume

6 cbm

 Vehicle size

7185 × 2470 × 3300mm

Outrigger extension

10 seconds

 total weight


 Box on the car

16 seconds

 Empty weight


 Get off the box

16 seconds

 Nuclear load


 Unloading time

 20 seconds


Yuchai 140 horsepower

 Swing arm load

5 tons

 Optional configuration

 Boat bucket (ground), cbm bucket (pit)

HD pictures
东风140  6方尖头摆臂垃圾车图片
东风140  6方尖头摆臂垃圾车图片
东风140  6方尖头摆臂垃圾车图片
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