Cleaning and sprinkling 10 cbm car washing and sweeping

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Advantages of Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping vehicle: The hydraulic valve in the hydraulic system adopts electromagnetic reversing valve, which is neatly arranged and easy to maintain. The hydraulic motor adopts the original Danish DONFOSS product. The hydraulic system of the whole vehicle runs reliably, the action is sensitive and effective, and the moving components have no creeping phenomenon. Special high-pressure centrifugal fan, the maximum air volume can reach 12000m3/h, the blade material is made of special steel, and its special blade shape is extremely difficult to wear. The unique side sweeping brush anti-collision mechanism can effectively protect the side sweeping brushing mechanism, and can avoid damage caused by hitting the teeth of the Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping vehicle with the cheap washing device at any time, and the large-scale washing and sweeping vehicle special for urban roads.
Chassis description

Chassis parameters Chassis model: CQ3164TKG461 Fuel type: Diesel axle number: 2 Front track: 2006 (mm) Wheelbase: 4600 Rear track: 1850 (mm) Number of passengers in the cab: 2 Number of springs: 9/10+6 Tires Number: 6 Axle load: 6000/10000 Tire specification: 11.00-20,12.00-20

Modification instructions

QYZ5160GQX1 type cleaning sprinkler suction sweeper product main technical parameters Product name: QYZ5160GQX1 type cleaning sprinkler suction sweeper car Dimensions: 8620x2500x3320(mm) Chassis model: CQ3164TKG461 Cargo compartment size: XX(mm) Total weight: 16000(Kg) Close to/ Departure angle: 22/19 (°) Rated mass: 3770 (Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 2090/1930 (mm) Curb weight: 12100 (Kg) Maximum speed: 75 (km/h) Emission standard: GB3847-2005 ,GB17691-2005 Euro V

Detailed description

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