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10 tons washing and sweeping truck

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Cleaning and sprinkling 10 square car wash and sweeping pictures

Cleaning and sprinkling 10 cbm car washing and sweeping

Advantages of Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping vehicle: The hydraulic valve in the hydraulic system adopts electromagnetic reversing valve, which is neatly arranged and easy to maintain. The hydraulic motor adopts the original Danish DONFOSS product. The hydraulic system of the whole vehicle runs reliably, the action is sensitive and effective, and the moving components have no creeping phenomenon. Special high-pressure centrifugal fan, the maximum air volume can reach 12000m3/h, the blade material is made of special steel, and its special blade shape is extremely difficult to wear. The unique side sweeping brush anti-collision mechanism can effectively protect the side sweeping brushing mechanism, and can avoid damage caused by hitting the teeth of the Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping vehicle with the cheap washing device at any time, and the large-scale washing and sweeping vehicle special for urban roads.
Qingling Isuzu 10 Ton Sweeping Truck

Qingling Isuzu 10 Ton Sweeping Truck

The road surface is scrubbed by the combination of scrubbing and high-pressure cleaning, garbage collection, sewage recycling, and hydraulic tipping and unloading.
Picture of Jiangling Kairui 10 Ton Sweeping Truck

Jiangling Kairui 10 Ton Sweeping Truck

The Jiangling Kai Rui sweeper is produced with the original Kai Rui N800 chassis. The chassis is a newly launched heavy-duty air brake type by Jiangling. It is equipped with the current Jiangling light truck supporting power, the Tengbao 3.0 engine, 3.0L displacement, and 112kw power. , Overload. Structural components such as tires, girders, front and rear axles, and leaf springs have been developed for heavy-duty conditions. More than 400 vehicle parts have been upgraded for heavy-duty conditions, and the carrying capacity and safety have been greatly improved. Equipped with air brake as standard, it is safer for heavy loads.
Dongfeng Duolika 10 Ton Sweeping Truck Picture

Dongfeng Duolika 10 Ton Sweeping Truck

Isuzu reinforced reinforced chassis, NKR plus rear axle, longitudinal patented beam with variable cross-section equivalent stress structure, beam steel plate thickness increased to 6MM, standard 7.5R16 all-steel tires, load capacity greatly improved
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