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22 ton sprinkler truck on the double bridge after the Euro five east wind

Chassis description

This car is produced with the original Dongfeng chassis, the wheelbase is more than 4350+1300 (the shorter the wheelbase is, the better if the water capacity of the sprinkler remains unchanged), the Cummins 210 horsepower engine, 1000 nylon tires, 8-speed gearbox, with ABS , Directional assistance, air conditioning can be installed.

Modification instructions

The tank has a volume of 20 cbm meters and a water carrying capacity of 20 tons. The tank body is made of high-quality WISCO plates with Euro standard. The special functions are: front flush and back spray, side spray, high-position shower, a working platform and guardrail behind the tank body, a green sprinkler cannon installed on the platform, with a range of about 28 meters, adjustable in various forms (heavy rain, moderate rain, fog ), equipped with high-power dedicated sprinkler pump, the pump can suck and drain automatically, with self-flow valve, with fire-fighting joint, with filter device, two suction pipes. This vehicle has a large water volume and is optional for injection: it is not equipped with other sprinklers and is mainly used for water transportation. A layer of heat preservation measures can be made outside the tank, and it is also an ideal choice for the transportation of hot water. After heat preservation, the outer dimension of the tank remains unchanged, and the actual volume is about 16-18 cbm meters. The tank body can be made of stainless steel or made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment in the tank, which has a longer life! The price of this sprinkler is the cheapest among the models with the same water capacity, and it is cost-effective. It is an upgraded version of the previously popular 6×4 sprinkler. The old model cab is cheaper.

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