Tianlong 6×4 25 ton washing and sweeping truck

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Dongfeng Tianlong wheelbase (5700+1350) with electric doors and windows, air conditioning. Tires 11.00-20. The front and rear axles are equipped with air shock absorbers. Equipped with Cummins 270 horsepower engine with exhaust brake, lightweight, ultra-quiet and low fuel consumption.
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The water tank volume is 15 cbm meters, the garbage bin volume is 10 cbm meters, the auxiliary engine Kangji 170 horsepower, the sweeping width ≧4.2 meters, the operating speed 5-20km/h, the low-pressure flushing width ≧24 meters, the German PF36 high-pressure pump, the maximum working capacity 84000m/h, maximum inhalation of particles 100mm 1. The center-mounted two brush disks and widened suction cups can be used as a road sweeper. There are three operation modes: full sweep, left sweep, and right sweep. 2. The center-mounted wide suction cup and the center-mounted V-shaped high-pressure flushing rack can be used as a flushing suction car, with three options of full flushing suction, left flushing suction, and right flushing suction. 3. The center two brush trays, the center wide suction cup, and the center high-pressure flushing rack can be used as a washing and sweeping vehicle, with three operation modes: full washing and sweeping, left washing and sweeping, and right washing and sweeping.

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