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Road Sweep Truck

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Tianjin 4700 Wheelbase Washing and Sweeping Truck

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Nan Chao maintenance-free automatic clutch, Huibo solenoid valve group, NorthGlass maintenance-free fan, German Pinfu high-pressure water pump, Veyron low-pressure water pump, Huibo wear-resistant hydraulic cylinder, left and right rear spray dust suppression system, 304 stainless steel dustbin and stainless steel The thickness of the water tank is 4 thick, the front two sweeping discs, the middle suction cup, the vehicle is equipped with high-pressure washing function, the rear spray, the 17-meter car washing reel, the dustbin self-cleaning device, and the auxiliary Cummins 170 horsepower engine. *The auxiliary engine adopts the powerful Cummins 170 engine. *Nan Chao’s maintenance-free automatic clutch drives the fan and high-pressure water pump to reduce the impact on the engine when the fan starts and stops. The clutch has the advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption and cost saving during use. *Using Luoyang listed company, NorthGlass Taixin high-power wear-resistant maintenance-free centrifugal fan, no noise, high efficiency, large wind and long service life. *The high-pressure water pump adopts the joint-venture inter Euro ly well-known T7012IR plunger plunger, with suitable flow and high pressure, and the maximum allowable pressure is 10MPa. *The clean water tank makes full use of the vehicle-mounted space, has a large capacity, and has a built-in water level al lift . The inside of the water tank is treated with anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-virus, which makes the pump operation safer and guarantees the efficiency of cleaning. *The trash bin adopts a double-layer inner tank stainless steel structure, and a filter screen is installed inside, which can effectively prevent leaves, plastic bags and other light objects from clogging the tuyere and dust from being discharged. The built-in sewage al lift system can easily discharge sewage to the sewer through the sewage valve at the back door, making the most of the space of the trash can for loading garbage. The car body adopts tipping and unloading, with high-pressure washing and self-cleaning device. *The self-cleaning device can help unloading and cleaning the inside of the trash can when the trash can is unloaded. *The left and right vertical scanning is a single scanning plate, which reduces the number of brushes and the consumption of brushes, which can reduce the cost of use. A water spray device is installed on the sweeping brush for spray dust reduction. The left and right vertical scanning are controlled separately, and different operation modes such as right scanning and full scanning can be realized. *The width of the wide suction nozzle reaches 2000mm to ensure that the total width of the operation is greater than 3m. The 4 height-adjustable suction nozzle wheels can easily adjust and ensure a reasonable gap between the suction nozzle and the road surface, so as to achieve a better suction effect and higher dirt suction efficiency. * There is a water spray rod in the suction cup, and the high-pressure washing nozzle is arranged inside the suction cup, which not only has a good cleaning effect, but also minimizes the secondary pollution caused by the high-pressure water jet washing up the dirt. The left and right spray rods are installed on the suction cups, which rise and fall with the suction cups. The structure is simple and compact, which ensures that the height of the spray rods from the ground is constant and achieves the best cleaning effect. *There is an adjustable mist spray rod at the rear of the carriage, which saves water while eliminating secondary pollution and beautifying the road. *Hydraulic components adopt integrated superposition design, centralized control of electro-hydraulic in the cab, and convenient operation. The manual button hydraulic system in the cab drives the left and right vertical sweeping and lifting, the left and right sweeping rib rotation, the suction nozzle lifting, the opening and closing of the rear door of the dustbin, and the dumping and resetting of the dustbin. *The sweeping orbiting motor is imported from Eaton in the United Euro s, with long service life, stability and reliability, and low failure rate. *Hydraulic pipeline adopts German standard technical sealing structure, which has good anti-vibration performance and high sealing reliability, and can achieve a leak-free sealing effect. *It adopts Sino-foreign joint venture hydraulic solenoid valve, and the key electronic control element adopts German Siemens electrical switch, which has high reliability and long service life. *Install a manual pump emergency system, which can lift the trash can even when the auxiliary engine is stopped, which is convenient for maintenance. *The rear part adopts LED arrow light warning light to ensure the safety of driving operation. *Non-stainless steel parts are treated with electrophoresis and rust prevention, which is durable. *The sub-frame load-bearing beam is welded with cbm steel with a section length of 160mm, a width of 80mm and a thickness of 10mm, which ensures the safety of the vehicle and makes the vehicle safer. *The car is equipped with a 17-meter high-pressure flushing reel and a high-pressure water gun. It is more convenient and efficient to clean roads and sidewalks and small advertisements. Computerized design with high-level side skirts and curved surface transitions are coordinated and well-proportioned. Create low fuel consumption, low noise, streamlined appearance design. *The vehicle can be equipped with snow shovel, lifting platform, and antiaircraft guns according to customer needs. Make full use of space to realize multiple uses of one vehicle.

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