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6×4 Chemical Liquid Transporter

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Tianlonghou Shuangqiao Chemical Liquid Transporter Picture

6×4 Chemical Liquid Transporter

Introduction Chassis description Chassis parameters: Chassis model: DFL1250A9 Fuel type: Diesel axle number: 3 Front track: 1986(mm) Wheelbase: 5350+1300,5700+1300 Rear track: 1860/1860(mm) Number of passengers in the cab: 3, 2 Number of springs: 8/9 Number of tires: 10 Axle load: 7000/18000 (with dual axles) Tire specifications: 10.00-20,10.00R20,11.00-20,11.00R20 Emission standard: GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 Euro III Modification instructions Product main technical parameters Product name: …

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