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Dongfeng does not go to the household 12 tons of oil tanker pictures

Dongfeng does not go to the household 12-ton tank truck

Introduction Modification instructions The tank volume is made according to the size of the announcement, there are fuel announcements, there are environmental protection announcements, the tank body is 5mm, the expansion head is 6mm thick, the single bin has a pump, the pump is pumped in and out, a full set of European standard system (European standard tank mouth. Oil …

China National Heavy Duty Truck 4WD 10 Cube Tank Truck Picture

Sinotruk four-wheel drive 10- cbm fuel tank truck

Introduction Chassis description Sinotruk 4WD right rudder 290 horsepower export type, equipped with Sinotruk 290 horsepower engine! Sinotruk 10-speed gearbox! 14.00R20 desert tires! The wheel side slows down the rear axle! Super off-road performance! Load 10 cubic tanks! A full set of European standards! European standard flow meter! 15-meter automatic return reel refueling gun! Modification instructions The tank volume is …

Dongfeng Tianlonghou Double Bridge Oil Tanker Picture

Dongfeng Tianlong 6×4 Tank Truck

Introduction Detailed description HD pictures illustrate in detail

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