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Small 2 ton fuel truck

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Dongfeng Xiaodolika 2.3 square refueling truck pictures

Dongfeng Xiaodolika 2.3 cbm fuel truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng Dolica dangerous chassis 4X2: EQ1041SJ3BDCWXP, Dongfeng Dolica cab, 4A2-88C50 engine full diesel 88 horsepower, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, 1.5 tons front axle, 3.5 tons rear axle, 6.50R16 steel wire tires. Modification instructions The tank volume is made according to the size of the announcement, the announcement volume is 2.3 cubic meters (the actual 2.5 cubic meters), there …

Dongfeng Duolika 2 Ton Refueling Truck Picture

Dongfeng Duolika 2 ton fuel truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng Dolica 2 ton fuel truck Dongfeng Dolica 1730 single-row cab, CY4BK551 Chaochai engine 102 horsepower, 4 tons rear axle, 7.00R16 steel wire tires, air brake, with direction assist, 3308mm wheelbase, air conditioning, power windows, middle Control lock, ABS, 5-speed gearbox, front disc brake, speed limiter Modification instructions Dongfeng Duolika 2 ton fuel truck is suitable for …

National Six Blue Brand Fuel Truck National Six Blue Brand 2.04 Square Mobile Fuel Truck Picture

Euro Six small Refueling Truck Euro Six small 2.04 cbm Mobile Refueling Truck

Introduction Chassis description Total mass 4495 (Kg), rated load mass 1365 (Kg), curb weight 3000 (Kg), chassis model: EQ1045SJ3CDFWXP, Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power 130 horsepower Euro VI engine, wheelbase 2700MM front exhaust pipe, speed limiter (Speed limit 80km/h), front wheel disc brake and radial tire chassis, installed driving recorder with satellite positioning function, steering wheel equipped with tire burst emergency …

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