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Shacman Truck-mounted Cranes

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Shaanxi Automobile Delong Front Four and Eight 16 Ton Truck-mounted Cranes

Shacman Delong 8×4 16 Ton Truck-mounted Cranes

Hubei Chengli Automobile: Model and parameter configuration of Shaanxi Automobile Delong’s first four and eight 16-ton truck-mounted cranes, Shaanxi Automobile Delong’s high-definition pictures of the first four and eight 16-ton truck-mounted cranes, Chengli automobile series Shaanxi Delong first four Please call the customer service hotline for the latest quotation of the last eight 16-ton truck-mounted cranes. Shaanxi Automobile SX5310JSQHB4661 truck-mounted crane truck main technical parameters product trademark Shaanxi Automobile axle load (kg) 6500/6500/18000 (two-axle group) Vehicle model SX5310JSQHB4661 Maximum speed (km/h) 90 Dimensions (mm) 1200025503980 Fuel consumption ( L/100Km) 40.2 Total mass (kg) 3100…

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