Shacman Delong lightweight 12 cbm mixer truck

Shaanxi Automobile Delong 2018 new M3000 configuration: WP7.340 horsepower national fifth engine, 10-speed gearbox, 5.573 speed ratio, 13-ton rear axle, beam: 850×300 (8+5), 11R20 steel wire tires, cab hydraulics Suspension, airbag seat, engineering bumper, electric air conditioner, electric window shaker, domestic clutch, domestic steering gear, spare tire frame, 165Ah ordinary battery, with ABS, engine full power take-off, rocker arm remote throttle control BD car terminal, Tianxingjianzhiya version, front lower protection. Top: 12-square lightweight mixer truck Configuration: reducer: PMP/TOP, pump and motor: Eaton, 18L radiator, cylinder material 520JJ, cylinder thickness 4mm,...