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EuroSix Water Truck

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Euro  Six Dongfeng 8-9   cbm  Water Truck

Euro Six Dongfeng 8-9 cbm Water Truck

232 partial double girder, the engine can choose Chaochai 170 horsepower and Yunnei 150 horsepower, power rotation, clutch assist, exhaust brake and air brake, air conditioning electric window central control lock, ABS. Sprinkler width ≧14-16 meters, range ≧25-30 meters, water diversion time <5min, flow rate 60m3/h. Front flush (spray), back spray, with side spray (shower), with back working platform,

Euro V Dongfeng Small Dolica 5 cbm Small Sprinkler

Dolica National VI 3308 chassis, Chaochai 130 horsepower, 7.00R16 steel wire tire, multi-function steering wheel, air brake, electric glass, central locking, original air conditioner.
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