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EuroSix Bulk Feed Truck

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Picture of Dongfeng Tianlong Bulk Feed Truck

Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 40 cbm bulk feed transporter

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng Tianlong 8×4 , Cummins 315 horsepower, Fast 12-speed gearbox, 1850+4600+1350mm wheelbase, 11.00R20 steel tires, electric doors and windows, ABS, steering assist, central lock, air conditioning, environmental protection + fuel, Vehicle size: 12000×2500×3995mm Tank size: 9000*2495*2310mm Modification instructions The tank body is made of 4mm high-quality carbon steel plate, and the whole vehicle has 3 screw augers, …

Shaanxi Automobile Xuande 22 square 4*2 feed truck configuration highlights pictures

Shacman Xuande 22 cbm 4*2 feed truck configuration highlights

Introduction Chassis description 1. The cab is equipped with a sunshade to block the sun in summer, and its appearance is beautiful and upscale. 2. The four-point suspension cab, equipped with airbag seats, achieves the best shock absorption, and the driver can drive comfortably, reduce fatigue, and make safety more secure. 3. The original factory is equipped with LED fluorescent …

Picture of Dongfeng Tianjin 10 tons 22 cubic hydraulic bulk feed truck

Dongfeng Tianjin 10 tons 22 cbm hydraulic bulk feed truck

Introduction Chassis description The Euro five hot-selling 10 tons Dongfeng Tianjin bulk feed truck, the chassis adopts the original chassis produced by Dongfeng Second Automobile Company, Yuchai 180 horsepower Euro five emission engine, Dongfeng 8-speed gearbox, 10.00 steel wire tires, original air conditioner Modification instructions The bulk feed tank is made of high-quality Wuhan Iron and Steel special volume plates, …

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