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Dongfeng Roll Off Garbage Truck

Roll Off Garbage Truck

Product Details OF dongfeng Roll Off Garbage Truck 1.Product Introduction Roll Off Garbage Truck The roll off garbage truck also called swing arm container garbage truck can be used in urban erea and suburb.The container on the rear of the truck can be put down on the ground to gather garbage at a fixed location .when the container gathers full.the …

Garbage Collection Truck

Garbage Collection Truck

Product Details 1. Product Introduction of Garbage Collection Truck The compactor garbage truck adopts PLC mechine Electro-hydraulic integration, control system. Through the car filler device and other special equipment to achieve garbage into, strong filling. Put the garbage into the compartment and then compaction and propulsion it, sewage into the sewage tank, solveing the secondary pollution by garbage transport process. …

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