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Milk Tanker Truck

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Dongfeng Garbage compactor Truck

Garbage Bin Truck

Product Details 1. Product Introduction Compression garbage trucks consist of sealed garbage containers, hydraulic systems, and operating systems. The entire vehicle is fully sealed, self-contained, self-dumping, and sewage in the compression process all enter the sewage chamber, which completely solves the problem of secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process and avoids inconvenience to people. The key components are adopted. …

Big Garbage Truck

Product Details 1. Product Introduction · Dongfeng Tianjin luxury cab truck, Cumings 190HP diesel engine, 10.00-20 tires, air brake · Garbage loading from rear of truck, with rear turnover mechanism · Garbage offloading: the garbage is pushed out by the push plate inside truck garbage box · Control system: Electronic control box, more convenient; and also mounted operation levers, mechanical …

Mini Trash Truck

Mini Trash Truck

Product Details of Mini Trash Truck 1.Product Introduction of Mini Trash Truck The mini trash truck, can be called hook arm type garbage truck again, the carriage can unload type garbage truck, the complete vehicle uses the full hydraulic pressure operation, the dustbin and the chassis may completely separate, the sanitation worker may complete all operations in the driving room. …

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