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Foton Omarco 12 ton sprinkler

Foton Omarco 12 ton sprinkler

Hubei Chengli Automobile: Foton Omarco 12-ton sprinkler product model and parameter configuration, Foton Omarco 12-ton sprinkler high-definition pictures, Chengli automobile series Foton Omarco 12-ton sprinkler for the latest quotation, please call the customer service hotline. Vehicle technical parameters: tank volume: 18 cubic meters; sprinkler width: 15 meters; water cannon head: 30; vertical suction: 7 meters; pump flow: 20 cubic meters/hour; pump head: 90; total mass: 25000 (kg); rated load: 15105 (kg); curb weight: 9700 (kg) ) Dimensions 10.02.49…

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