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Liberation Fuel Truck

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Qingdao Jiefang J6F Gasoline 9.6 Square Refueling Truck National Six 8-Ton Fuel Tank Truck Picture

Qingdao Jiefang J6F gasoline 9.6 cbm fuel tanker Euro six 8-ton fuel tank truck

Introduction Chassis description J6F (2010) single-row cab, Weichai WP3NQ160E61, CA6TBX051M, 325H rear axle (speed ratio 5.125, wheelbase 1678), 865*216*75*6, 245/70R19.5 16PR, meeting the requirements of 2020 regulations, more Functional steering wheel, 150L aluminum alloy fuel tank, leaf spring 3/10+4, with domestic ABS, cruise control, overhead box, air conditioning + electric doors and windows + central control lock, instrument EOL, post …

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