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Kiama Compression Garbage Truck

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National Six Kama 4-party compressed garbage truck pictures

EuroSix Kama 4- cbm compression garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Weichai 130 horsepower engine, four-valve engine, 20,000 kilometers long oil change, saving time and effort. 2. Wanliyang 535 gearbox, large power take-off window, and more auxiliary transmission options. 3.180MM straight-through girder, 800MM width, similar to the engineering dump chassis, driving smoothly. 4.1046 rear axle, 10MM thickened 5+3 rear sub-leaf spring, steam brake, 6.50R16 tires, easy to load …

Blue brand Kama 4.5 ton compressed garbage truck picture

small brand Kama 4.5 ton compressed garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Yunnei 102 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, 3.5-ton rear axle, steering assist, ABS, air conditioning, oil/air brake (optional) Detailed description Compression garbage truck The compression garbage truck consists of a sealed garbage compartment, a hydraulic system, and an operating system. The whole vehicle is a fully sealed type, and all the sewage from the compression, dumping, and compression process …

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