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Kama Sprinkler

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Kama 5 tons sprinkler

The Kama 5-square sprinkler is basically equipped with a Weichai 110 horsepower engine, a 3300 wheelbase, a five-speed gearbox, a 6-ton rear axle, 7.50R16 steel wire tires, ABS, and an air brake with direction assistance.

Kaima 2 ton water truck Yunnei 102

The body is made of 4mm thick special steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel, and the actual volume is 5 cubic meters. The sprinkler is equipped with front flushing (spraying) and rear sprinkling. The sprinkling width is ≥14 meters, with side spraying, and a working platform behind the tank. A green sprinkler is installed on the platform. , The sprinkler can be rotated in all directions, with a range of ≥28 meters, and can be continuously adjusted to direct, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, with safety guardrails, equipped with a special sprinkler pump, the pump can be self-priming and self-draining, installed with a filter, with a fire interface , Can enter water through fire hydrant, with self-flow valve, self-priming and self-draining function, vertical suction ≥ 7 meters, blue brand 2.2 square water spray, 2600 wheelbase Yunnei 102 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, 4 tons rear axle, 6.00 -15 tires, oil brakes, direction assistance.

Euro Five Kama Small 2.5 Ton Sprinkler

The tank body is made of high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel, automatic assembly line tank body production process, straight body welding, automatic welding of blanking, splicing, and head spinning forming.
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