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Kama high pressure cleaning truck

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Kama 5 tons high pressure cleaning truck

The upper part is a tank, equipped with a high-pressure water pump to work, high-pressure pump model: 3DS- 8/16, GYB-8/16, pressure: 16-19Mpa, flow: 8m3/h, hose length: 60m, coiling force: 1800 N , Hose inner diameter: φ19 mm, joint type: 0, tube speed: 0-25m/min, hole clamp angle: 15°, 25°, thrust: ≥180 N.

Kaima 3 tons high pressure cleaning truck (pipe dredging truck)

The high-pressure cleaning vehicle is also called the pipe dredging vehicle, which uses the strong pressure generated by the high-pressure water flow to open the blocked pipe. The main components are tanks, high-pressure pumps, hydraulic systems, etc. The high-pressure cleaning truck is mainly used to clean the sediments of urban sewers, pipelines, and dredge the dead-angle mud ditch. It can also be used to clean industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., and clean the ground of roads and squares.
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