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Jiangling Teshun Ambulance

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Ford JMC Special Shun Ambulance JMC Ford Ford Ambulance Ambulance Picture

Ford Jiangling Special Shun Ambulance Jiangling Ford Ambulance Ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Chassis parameters Chassis model: JX6490T-L5 Vehicle Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. Fuel type: Diesel axle number: 2 Front track: 1692(mm) Wheelbase: 2835 Rear track: 1700(mm) Number of passengers in cab: Spring Number: -/3 Number of tires: 4 Axle load: 1710/1800 Tire specification: 215/70R15LT Modification instructions Main technical parameters of ambulance products Product name: SZD5049XJHJ ambulance dimensions: 4744,4944×1972×2435,2245(mm) Chassis …

Picture of Ford Ambulance Jiangling Teshun (Long Axis) Ambulance

Ford ambulance Jiangling Teshun (long axis) ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Special function description: Optional two types of tailgate pedals, the length of the short tailgate pedal is 5696mm, corresponding to the rear overhang 1100mm; the length of the long tailgate pedal is 5720mm, corresponding to the rear overhang 1124mm; two options are available The roof shape (classic Fuxing roof and new Fuxing roof), rear side windows and …

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