Refrigerated Van Truck

Sinotruk Howo refrigerated truck

Hubei Chengli Automobile: National VI product model and parameter configuration of Sinotruk HOWO refrigerated trucks, HD pictures of Sinotruk HOWO refrigerated trucks National VI, and the latest quotation of the National VI of Sinotruk HOWO refrigerated trucks, please call the customer service hotline. Wuling Bread Refrigerator Truck Vehicle Parameters Product Name Wuling Bread Refrigerator Truck Vehicle Model CLQ5040XLC6GL Dimensions (mm) 599520982950 Car Body Size (mm) 340017201680 Rated Load Mass (kg) 1090, 1155 Maximum Speed (km/h) 100 Total Mass (kg) ) 4495 Fuel type diesel service...
Water Truck

Sinotruk Steyr 18 ton sprinkler

Hubei Chengli Automobile: SINOTRUK Steyr 18-ton sprinkler product model and parameter configuration, SINOTRUK Steyr 18-ton sprinkler high-definition pictures, Chengli Automobile series SINOTRUK Steyr 18-ton sprinkler latest quotation, please call customer service hotline. Vehicle technical parameters: tank volume: 18 cubic meters; water spray width: 15 meters; water cannon head: 30; vertical suction: 7 meters; pump flow: 20 cubic meters/hour; pump head: 90; total mass: 25000 (kg); rated load: 14000 (kg); curb weight: 10805 (kg) Dimensions 9.652.53.0...