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Dongfeng flatbed truck

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Dongfeng 6x4 flatbed transporter

Dongfeng 6×4 flatbed transporter

Introduction Chassis description Equipped with Yuchai 240 horsepower, Yuchai 270 horsepower engine, fast eight-speed, ten-speed gearbox, optional 153 and 457 rear axles, the panel adopts 8mm thick checkered plate, and the surface is covered with anti-skid steel strips, so that you can transport It is safer. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with double ladders, which is convenient for …

Picture of Dongfeng Furica 8 Ton Flatbed Transport Truck

Dongfeng Furuika 8 Ton Flatbed Transport Truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng Furica small Flatbed Transporter, tiltable cab, Yunnei 130 engine, small eight-speed gearbox, front axle 3T, rear 8T, frame 230mm wide and 10mm frame plate. The tire is a wire tire 8.25R16, which drives the air brake clutch to assist. Total mass: 4495kg, rated load mass: 1600kg, vehicle size: 5995*2310*2700mm Modification instructions ⑴ Bottom plate: the longitudinal …

Picture of the flatbed transporter of Jiefanglong V single-bridge excavator

Faw Ⅴ flatbed transporter of 4×2 excavator

Introduction Chassis description Xichai 180 horsepower engine, 8-speed gearbox, 4T/9T front and rear axles, 9.00R20 steel tires, 240 double-layer girder, vehicle size: 9000×2500×2900mm (length * width * height) Modification instructions The slab length is 6.5m (including slope), reinforced double spring ladder, 5mm non-slip pattern steel plate, authentic Euro five cars can be easily used in the whole Euro ! Detailed …

Dongfeng Special Bottom Flatbed Transport Truck Picture

Dongfeng Suizhou Flatbed Transport Truck

Introduction Chassis description Yuchai 180 horsepower 6-cylinder engine, Fast small eight-speed, 10.00R20 original steel tire, 9 tons rear axle, effective plate length 6.5 meters, width 2.5 meters, can pull excavator drilling rigs under 180! Modification instructions The standard upper beam adopts 12*12 specification 6mm thick cbm steel, and the whole through-type design guarantees the load-bearing performance. The cargo box flat …

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