Road Sweep Truck

Dongfeng 8 cbm Dolica 8 cbm washing and sweeping truck

Water tank volume 4 cubic meters (stainless steel water tank), garbage volume 4 cubic meters (stainless steel), sweeping width 2.8-3 meters, Kangji 140 horsepower auxiliary engine, Eaton cycloid motor, alloy water tank, Hypress solenoid valve group, control switch ( Schneider, France), North Glass fan, hydraulic tubing (Guangzhou Tianhe), sprinkler electronic water pump, hydraulic cylinder, stainless steel dustbin. Centralized electro-hydraulic control in the cab, the sweeping plate has anti-collision automatic avoidance function, the rear floating adjustable suction nozzle, spray water pressure dust, operating speed: 3-15km/h, maximum operating capacity: 450,000 square meters/H,...