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Docking garbage truck

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Dongfeng 15cbm compact docking garbage truck

Dongfeng 15cbm compact docking garbage truck

Docking Garbage Compactor Truck Municipal Cleaning Equipment Machinery Waste Management Truck   We support customizing trucks according to your needs, welcome to contact us!   1. We are member of CLW group. We are factory direct sale with high quality at competitive price. 2. Different capacity and size based on customers’ requirement. 3. China famous chassis brand Dongfeng, optional with …

Picture of Dongfeng 153 Compression Docking Garbage Truck

Dongfeng 153 compression docking garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Chassis parameters Chassis model: EQ1160GKJ1 Fuel type: Diesel axle number: 2 Front track: 1940,1900 (mm) Wheelbase: 4500, 4700, 4950, 4800, 5100 Rear track: 1860,1800 (mm) Number of passengers in the cab : 3 Number of springs: 9/10+8 Number of tires: 6 Axle load: 5995/9995 Tire specifications: 10.00-20-16PR, 10.00R20-20PR Modification instructions Dongfeng 153 Euro IV Compression Docking Garbage …

Picture of 5 party-26 party docking garbage truck

5-26- cbm docking garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Various types of chassis. Modification instructions The standard tailgate is hydraulically opened and the top is in the middle. Detailed description The docking garbage truck is also called the garbage compression station docking garbage truck : it is a special vehicle used for garbage transfer and unloading operations in the urban garbage compression station. The vehicle control …

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