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Axis ambulance

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Iveco ambulance Baodi A32 ambulance picture

Iveco ambulance Baodi A32 ambulance

Introduction Chassis description [Chassis technical parameters] Chassis model NJ6495DCM Chassis name Baodi A32 Brand name Iveco Baodi A32 Manufacturer Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd. Dimensions (mm) 4845, 4905×2000× 2500, 2530, 2620, 2720 Tire number 4 Approach angle/ Departure angle (°) 18.5/14.5 Tire size 215/75R16LT Leaf spring number -/5,-/2 Front track (mm) 1721 Fuel type Diesel rear track (mm) 1692 Emission …

Ford Ambulance Ford V362 Bottom Axle Ambulance Picture

Ford ambulance Ford V362 bottom axle ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Ford’s new Transit is equipped with Ford’s new 2.0T gasoline (diesel) oil engine, 5-speed manual transmission, Bosch 9.1 version of the electronic body stabilization system, and four-wheel disc brakes. The cab is equipped with sedan-like interior trim, instrument panel, dual airbags, 6-way adjustable cab seats, high-end configuration inside and outside, seckill other light passengers. Modification instructions The …

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