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Foton Aoling One-to-Two Wrecker

Foton Aoling One-to-Two Wrecker

Foton Aoling  One-to-Two Wrecker Features: Foton Aoling blue one-to-two wrecker truck (CLW5041TQZB5), chassis model BJ1049V9JEA-FE, emission standard GB17691-2005 Euro V GB3847-2005 Detailed vehicle parameters The main technical data of Foton Aoling Blue one-to-two wrecker truck (CLW5041TQZB5) product name Foton Aoling Blue One Tow Two Wrecker Truck (CLW5041TQZB5) Dimensions (mm) 5995×2300×2350 Chassis model BJ1049V9JEA-FE Cargo compartment size (mm) ×× Front passenger …

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