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8 ton asphalt distributor

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Picture of National Five Dongfeng 8-ton Asphalt Spreading Truck (Full Intelligent)

EuroFive Dongfeng 8-ton Asphalt Spreading Vehicle (Full Intelligent)

Introduction of  Asphalt Spreading Vehicle ‘s Chassis description Cummins 180 horsepower engine, 8-speed gearbox, 10.00R20 steel tires, wheelbase 4500, with direction assist, ABS, with air conditioning Detailed description  of  8-ton Asphalt Spreading Vehicle ◆ Product model: CLH5160GLQD5 ◆ Total weight: 16000kg ◆ Curb weight: 8660kg ◆ Dimensions: 8080×2500×3060mm ◆ Spreading width: 4500mm ◆ Nozzle spacing: 125mm ◆ Asphalt spreading amount: …

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