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5 ton hook lift garbage truck

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3-4 cubic towed trash bin hook arm garbage truck manufacturers recommend the first choice of Changan brand image

3-4 cbm tow trash bin hook lift garbage truck manufacturer recommends Changan brand as the first choice

Introduction Chassis description 3 cbm -4 cbm Changan gasoline hook- lift garbage truck, the first choice for Chongqing Xiaokang 88 high-horsepower climbing, non-slip climbing is stable, and the original air conditioner or optional air-conditioning can also be selected. The configuration is high and the price is cheap. It is in the small hook- lift garbage truck The trump card Modification …

National Six Dongfeng 5 Side Hook Arm Garbage Truck Picture

EuroSix Dongfeng 5 cbm hook lift garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Chassis configuration: Chaochai CY4BK461 engine 130 horsepower, 7.00R16 tires, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, 3308 wheelbase. Modification instructions Top configuration: chain type lifting mechanism (120/240 plastic, iron drum), low alloy channel steel reinforced auxiliary beam, garbage collection box (3mm thick carbon steel bottom plate, side plate), three hydraulic dump cylinders (maximum lifting force 5 tons ), the hydraulic system …

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