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30 tons flatbed truck

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JAC front four rear eight flatbed transport truck pictures

JAC 8×4 flat transport truck

Introduction Chassis description JAC Euro Five Flatbed Transporter: There is fuel! There is environmental protection! Not overweight! The new K5 semi-high-roof cab (30 cm higher than other brands, comfortable driving). Weichai 160 horsepower engine. Fast 8-speed box, 900 steel wire tires, electric doors and windows, electric flip, air conditioning, driving recorder, 245 double beam, ABS, central locking, airbag seat, wheelbase …

Dongfeng 6x4 flatbed transporter

Dongfeng 6×4 flatbed transporter

Introduction Chassis description Equipped with Yuchai 240 horsepower, Yuchai 270 horsepower engine, fast eight-speed, ten-speed gearbox, optional 153 and 457 rear axles, the panel adopts 8mm thick checkered plate, and the surface is covered with anti-skid steel strips, so that you can transport It is safer. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with double ladders, which is convenient for …

Foton Omarco Flatbed Transporter

Foton Omarco Flatbed Transporter

Introduction Chassis description It adopts Auman ETX luxurious cab, Kangji 170 horsepower engine, 6-speed gearbox, 9.00-20 steel wire tires, 9-ton rear axle, 280mm girder, and ABS. Modification instructions The upper beam is made of 10*10 specification 5mm thick cbm steel, 12*12 specification 6mm thick cbm steel, the cargo box flat board is 5mm, 8mm thick checkered plate, the climbing ladder …

Chufeng brand front four rear eight flatbed transport truck pictures

Chufeng brand 8×4 flatbed transport truck

Introduction Chassis description D913 imitation Tianjin cab, Yuchai 290 horsepower Euro five, 5.5 tons front axle, 13 tons rear axle, 10-speed gearbox, 11.00 steel wire tires, airbag seats. Suspended gantry Modification instructions The standard upper beam adopts 12*12 specification 6mm thick cbm steel, and the whole through-type design guarantees load-bearing performance. The cargo box flat panel is 8mm thick checkered …

8x4 flat transport vehicles Faw

8×4 flat transport vehicles Faw

Introduction Chassis description Xichai 350 horsepower, Jiefang 12-speed gearbox, 7T/16T front and rear axles, 11.00R20 steel wire tires, 300mm double-layer girder, vehicle size 11380*2550*3600mm Modification instructions The flat bottom beam adopts 100*100*5mm cbm tube, the bottom plate adopts 5mm or 8mm checkered plate, with encrypted diagonal support, the ladder adopts double spring reinforced design, adopts three ribs + double spring …

Picture of Fude Rear Double Axle Flatbed Transport Truck

Fude 6×4 flatbed transport truck

Introduction Chassis description It adopts Yituo Fude brand 6X4 chassis, Tianlong flat-top cab, wheelbase 4800+1350, Yuchai 270 Euro five., 10 gears. 5.5 tons front axle, 13 tons rear axle, 11.00 steel wire tires, camel battery, aluminum alloy Fuel tank and air mass, airbag seat, shape 10600✖️2550✖3200. Modification instructions The use length of the flat plate is 7300, the flat plate …

Chufeng concave board trailer picture

Chufeng concave board trailer

Introduction Chassis description Imitation Tianjin luxury cab, Weichai 300 horsepower engine, Fast ten-speed gearbox, 457 rear axle, 11.00R20 steel wire tires. Other different configurations can be selected according to customer requirements Modification instructions Chufeng concave board trailer, the surface of the flat board is 90 cm above the ground, and the concave part is 4.6 meters long. The third-generation one-time …

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