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20 tons compressed garbage truck

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Picture of Dongfeng Tianlonghou Shuangqiao 18-square compressed garbage truck

Dongfeng Tianlong 6×4 18 cbm compression garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Cummins 245 horsepower, 11.0 steel tires, Fast 9-speed gearbox Modification instructions Double 63-32 pump, single cycle 20 seconds, Zhongmei 2+3 double pump confluence reversing multi-way valve, Changsha one compression valve, Xingguang hydraulic cylinder, Lai high temperature, high pressure engineering tubing, Tianheng Kaicheng electronic control system , Siemens PLC, the top is made of 6Q345 high-strength plates with …

Picture of Guoliu Dongfeng Tianlonghou Shuangqiao 20-square compression garbage truck

Euro 6 Dongfeng Tianlong 6×4 20 cbm compression garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng Tianlonghou double-axle compression garbage truck, new KL luxury cab, Cummins 290 horsepower engine, 4350+1350 wheelbase Modification instructions The new curved box (effective volume is about 20 cbm meters), all made of Q345 manganese steel plate, new crushable scraper, standard dual pump dual valve back pressure valve oil line filter, hanging barrel flip mechanism, optional Pneumatic control …

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