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16 ton hook lift garbage truck

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Picture of Dongfeng Rear Shuangqiao 16 Square Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Dongfeng 6×4 16- cbm hook -lift garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng 153 wide-body cab, optional Tianjin cab, Kangji or Yuchai engine, dual rear axle, dual drive axle, 5 tons front axle, 10 tons dual rear axle, air brake. Modification instructions Chengli original hook lift mechanism, pneumatic power take-off switch, reinforced hook lift structure, stronger bearing capacity. The hydraulic cylinder is produced by Chengli original factory, with long …

Dongfeng Duolika 16 Ton Hook Arm Garbage Truck Picture

Dongfeng Duolika 16 Ton Hook lift Garbage Truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng Dolica 16-ton hook- lift garbage truck Dongfeng D9 Hook- lift garbage truck 16 tons, is the latest D series chassis of Dongfeng Company. It belongs to the Dolica series sanitation chassis. There are two configurations to choose from; one, the wheelbase is 3950mm, the engine is healthy. 160 horsepower, 6-speed gearbox, 3.9 tons front axle and …

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