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10m aerial work truck

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Picture of JMC 10m Lifting Platform Aerial Work Truck

JMC 10-meter lifting platform Aerial Bucket Truck

Introduction Chassis description Jiangling (new) double-row Aerial Bucket Truck engineering yellow cab, wheelbase 3360mm, Jiangling 115 horsepower Euro five engine JX493ZLQ4 (environmental protection), oil brake, five-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 steel wire tires, with ABS. Air conditioning. The working height is 8 meters, 10 meters, and 12 meters, with two hydraulic outriggers, the rated load of the crane is less than or …

Picture of Dongfeng 10m Lifting Platform Aerial Work Truck

Dongfeng 10m Lifting Platform Aerial Work Truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng Dolica 10m lifting platform truck chassis configuration: new double-row cab, thick and high-strength front bumper, front fog lights, adjustable crystal headlights, wide-angle rearview mirrors, front road mirrors, Dongfeng 5-speed gearbox , The wheelbase is 3300mm, Chaochai’s 115-horsepower authentic Euro four engine, auto brake system Modification instructions Steam brake, with direction boost, equipped with 7.00R16 steel wire …

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