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10 ton hook lift garbage truck

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Hook Lift Garbage Truck

Hook Lift Garbage Truck

Product Details Hook Lift Garbage Truck 1.Product Introduction Hook Lift Garbage Truck Garbage truck or dustbin lorry refers to a truck specially designed to collect small quantities of waste and haul the collected waste to a solid waste treatment facility. Other common names for this type of truck include trash truck and dump truck in the United States, and rubbish …

Dongfeng 145 10 square hook arm garbage truck pictures

Dongfeng 145 10 cbm hook lift garbage truck

Introduction Chassis description Dongfeng 145 wide-body cab, with sleeper, front flip, Yuchai or Cummins diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox, 9-ton rear axle, 900-20 tires, direction assist, air brake. Modification instructions Chengli original hook lift mechanism, pneumatic power take-off switch, reinforced hook lift structure, stronger bearing capacity. The hydraulic cylinder is produced by Chengli original factory, with long service life, after-sales guarantee, …

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