Sinotruk 16 ton asphalt distributor truck

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Chassis description

It adopts Sinotruk Howo chassis, Steyr 310 horsepower engine, high-top double-sleeper cab, 6x4 , wheelbase: 4600+1350mm, 12.00R20 steel wire tires, ABS, with original air conditioning.

Modification instructions

Manual/automatic control of spraying volume and working width, each nozzle can be controlled separately, and row-type nozzles can be combined freely, so as to realize arbitrary adjustment of spraying width. Spreading control can be carried out in the cab or rear platform. 2. The automatic control system can measure the vehicle speed and automatically calculate the rotation speed of the asphalt pump according to the input amount of spraying, spraying width and asphalt type, and then automatically adjust the number of asphalt pumps through the system. 3. Vehicle-mounted rapid heating system (10-15°C/h), which can improve heating efficiency and reduce construction auxiliary time to ensure spreading temperature; 4. The nozzle flushing system can blow out the remaining asphalt of the nozzle through diesel fuel and high-pressure air to prevent Asphalt freezes on the nozzle, increasing the service life of the nozzle.

Detailed description

8. All heat pipes are equipped with thermal insulation layer to reduce heat dissipation and avoid scalding operators;
9. Asphalt spraying rod adopts a three-stage folding structure. Double or multiple spraying can be realized by moving the spraying rod up and down. By moving the spraying rod left and right, the spraying range can be expanded and obstacles can be effectively avoided.
10. There is a sedimentation drain tank inside the asphalt tank, and it is equipped with a liquid level display and al lift and safety devices;

HD pictures
illustrate in detail


5. The key parts of the vehicle (hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, asphalt pump, proportional valve, automatic control system), etc. adopt the best inter Euro ly renowned components to effectively extend the service life; 6. Use the inter Euro advanced high-viscosity asphalt pump , The external asphalt can be pumped into the tank to achieve "self-priming", or the asphalt in the tank can be pumped out; 7. The heating system uses an imported Italian burner with automatic ignition and temperature control functions;

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