Shifeng small Flatbed Transporter

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Chassis description

It adopts Shifeng chassis, Yunnei 130 horsepower/Xichai 120 horsepower, 5-speed with auxiliary transmission, 8.25-16 nylon tires on the front and rear axles, 232 beams, size: 5995*2400*2425, and can carry up to 10 tons of excavators!

Modification instructions

The length of the slab is 4 meters, the slope is 0.4 meters, 5mm anti-skid pattern board, double spring climbing ladder, simple feet, beam spacing 350mm, beam 100*100*5mm

Detailed description
HD pictures
时风 small 平板运输车图片
时风 small 平板运输车图片
时风 small 平板运输车图片
时风 small 平板运输车图片
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