Tang Jun small Flatbed Transport Truck

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Chassis description

Tang Jun T7 wide-body cab blue-brand flatbed transporter; vehicle model Z**40TPBUDD6V; wheelbase 3360mm; engine cloud inner 130 horsepower; gearbox 10H46 (five-speed with pair); tire 8.25R16; air brake; exhaust system Power, direction assistance; ABS; 200 double-layer girder; 9-ton rear axle, remote control lock, electric doors and windows, main power switch. Environmentally friendly fuel is complete

Modification instructions

The length of the slab is 4 meters, the slope is 0.4 meters, 5mm anti-skid pattern board, double spring climbing ladder, simple feet, beam spacing 350mm, beam 100*100*5mm; users can choose blue or red cab, transport 50, 60, 70, 80 , 90 small excavators, small construction machinery and other ideal trailers

Detailed description
HD pictures
唐骏 small 平板运输车图片
唐骏 small 平板运输车图片
唐骏 small 平板运输车图片
唐骏 small 平板运输车图片
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